Online Private Tuition

Online Tuition


Some people think that online tuition via Skype, Zoom or Google Classroom is not as beneficial for
students as traditional face-to-face tuition. We believe, however, that there are many
reasons to go digital. Having a dedicated on-line tutor gives you greater flexibility about
when teaching can take place. Rather than being limited to a weekly one-hour session,
students are able to access tutors online or by phone if they encounter a particular problem in their studies. We offer online tuition either one-to-one or in small groups. 


This kind of ongoing support can make learning a much more interactive and two-way
process than more traditional methods of classroom delivery. Technology has really
improved since the early days of skyping. Tutors can now access online whiteboards, send files, links and videos, adding variety, fun and excitement to the learning process.
Taking ownership of your own learning at GCSE and A-Level is a vital stage of your
academic journey. When you enrol for an online course with us, you will be encouraged to
make your own arrangements with your online tutor. One thing is clear. In the future, there
will be more online tuition, not less. Better start getting used to it!


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