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Intelligent Autonomous Robots are not just the stuff of science fiction movies; they are actually hard at work in industry today. It is predicted that by 2025 one third of today’s jobs will be replaced by robots. The landscape of work is undergoing a radical transformation and students need to fireproof their future employability in a world of incessant and rapid technical change.

Coding is one of the main aspects of our iSTEAM Robotics and Control Workshops but it is not the only one. Other areas covered include Control by Gesture, Computer Vision and Machine Learning to name but a few. Our workshops are renowned for their relevant, practical and advanced nature in which disciplines and areas of expertise converge in thrilling and mind-expanding configurations.

Discover Robotics takes some of the most exciting elements of our Robotics and Control Workshops and combines them into a fun-packed educational experience. Robots play an important role in the future of Space Travel, Medicine/Surgery, Prosthetics and Industry. You’ll be able to put your coding skills to the test and start helping to shape tomorrow's world.

Regardless of your background in robotics or coding, whether beginner or advanced, there’s a place for you on this course. You will be challenged. You will be thrilled. But no, the robots won't be taking least not just yet!

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