Newtonian World

Newtonian World

Newton’s Laws can explain many of our everyday experiences and are fundamental to our understanding of the physical world. While textbooks simply state what they are, many students find them difficult to apply and work with in practice. This is because common sense ideas that we develop from experience with motion can lead us astray. Students attending this course will come away with a deepened understanding of the physical world. Combining explanations with hands-on experimentation, these courses combine fun and learning in a unique and dynamic fashion.


From the very first workshop, students begin to understand the interdependence of the three sciences and mathematics - a theme throughout our courses. Students are kept up to date with recent developments in science and encouraged to examine Nature’s solutions to common Engineering problems. Our Game-show style quizzes and brainteasers are a welcome feature of all our workshops, making learning a fun and unforgettable experience.


This course actually comprises the original 12 workshops that helped to popularise our This is Rocket Science! series of STEM Workshops. It remains our most popular course. Students absolutely love the practical, hands-on nature of the teaching and learning. The structural engineering challenges, materials science and fluid mechanics activities are especially popular and provide a vital foundation for our later more advanced courses on offer.

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