Quantum World


Quantum Physics is a subject often thought of as being too abstract and having little to do with our everyday lives. All too often popular science journalism and the media focus on the weirder and more outlandish aspects of this branch of physics. Our course will show you how we rely on Quantum Physics every day through our use of a whole range of technological devices and processes. While there are many difficult aspects to the subject, our course is concerned with a basic understanding of concepts and emphasises the practical applications.

Students attending this course undergo a voyage of discovery. We will journey from the sub-atomic world through to the chemistry of elements and structure of the periodic table, molecules, important biological molecules and the structure and importance of DNA. A wide-range of activities and demonstrations make learning fun and a truly mind-boggling experience. For example, one activity is to build an electron car; another, a model of DNA. We will explore where scientists are in their quest to understand how life on earth came about and how the universe itself came into being.

Moving on, we have some fun with Sparks in our experimentation with Static Electricity. Students will be introduced to the basics of Circuits and essential circuit components. Hands-on activities will help them to understand the working and structure of batteries, electromagnets, motors and generators. This will provide a vital foundation for our Practical Circuits course and Introduction to Robotics and Control. On the last day, we will deconstruct and rebuild a laptop - which wouldn't have existed in the first place without a proper understanding of Quantum Physics!

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