Flight Control System Design

Autopilot design

This course is for Year 12 and Year 13 students looking for a more in-depth treatment of the advanced topics covered in our course on The Autonomous Flight of Drones. It is ideal for A-level students of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science and students looking to study Engineering, Robotics and related courses at top universities. For such students we recommend this course as opposed to “The Autonomous Flight of Drones”.

Briefly, we cover in detail -

Engineering Workflow 

Mathematical Modelling of Dynamic Systems 

Classical Control Theory (with a focus on PID controller design)

Advanced Python 

Flight Controller Design 

Computer Vision and Vision-Based Control 

Our students will also participate in more advanced implementations of our Autonomous Drone Challenges (see “The Autonomous Flight of Drones”) putting their new-found vision based control skills into practice. In addition to a race/obstacle course and package delivery challenge, students will be introduced to how the “Follow Me” feature of many hobby drone apps work, as well as automatic lane following (“lane assist”) in cars. They will also design a flight controller for our Minidrones.


The material is mathematically advanced but the focus is on practical application. It provides students with excellent preparation for interviews for undergraduate STEM subjects and we know students love the live challenges on our competition field!



* An additional £200 will be required on booking your place if you’d like to take out a drone on loan for the duration of the course. To build, manually fly and code. This will be refunded provided the drone is returned to us in good order on completion of the course. This option is not available to those in countries where drones can’t be imported. 

No Prerequisites. However, students applying should be looking to study Maths, Physics, Comp Sci, Engineering or Robotics at top universities. 

Payments must be received at least 4 weeks ahead of your chosen course dates to guarantee your place

This is an online course only until September. 

Students have remote access to our computers and hardware, testing their code/algorithms on our hardware here, not at home. 

Term time: 

Students may opt to attend the course weekly on Saturdays or Sundays during term time. Each session with last 3 hours over 6 weekends from May 30th - July 5th.

Holiday Sessions:

6 x 3hr sessions from Monday to Saturday 

Times: 9-12 or 12.30-3.30 or 4-7


May 25-30 (2-5pm only is offered this week)

July 6-11

July 13-18

July 20-25 

July 27 - Aug 1

*August 4 - 9

*August 10 - 15

*August 17 - 22

*August 24 - 29

*September 1- 6


*We will endeavour to deliver these courses in person at our regular venue hire subject to the U.K. government’s handling of the reopening of society. You are however signing up to an ONLINE course in selecting these dates and it is our obligation to deliver just that. The health of our students and teachers will be our main consideration in deciding whether to run courses in person. We reserve the right to run all these courses in an ONLINE format and the final decision rests with us.