Practical Python

Practical Python

Python is the fastest growing programming language and backed by major tech companies such as Google. It is among the top three languages in use today and it is easy to see why many universities are adopting Python as a primary language on computer science courses. We see Python as pivotal in driving the rapid pace of technological advances especially in areas such as Data Science and Machine Learning.

After the running of our very successful course on “The Autonomous Flight of Drones” it became apparent from student feedback that Drones offer an excellent way to introduce students to Coding. While Python is used only as a means to an end on that course, here Python is the main focus. Learning to program drones in Python gives coding a hands-on feel as well as the thrill of seeing your code in action as the drones fly. It enables our workshops to retain the practical element and it doesn’t end there.

Students attending this course learn the fundamentals of Python. In particular, they then get to apply Python to Robotics, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, GUI programming and Gaming. Students can code the drones to be controlled by voice, gesture and even in swarms. Additionally, they learn to code drones to track any moving object, follow lanes, track their faces and even navigate an obstacle course entirely autonomously. The list goes on and the skills they learn can easily be transferred to various different settings. 

Later down the line, students can move away from drones and look at such areas as practical business python - file handling, automating accounting and email with Python, automating web browsers and web scraping, and working with databases. One project involves automating the process of  downloading bank transactions from multiple months and outputting income and expenditure by category with just one click. Still on the business side students can also opt to learn how to make websites for their products with Django. 

All in all, this course provides students with an excellent insight into the diverse applications of Python as a general purpose programming language. They will be able put their skills to good use at home and in school writing their own powerful applications on their own computers. Not only this, but students develop their practice problem-solving skills, presentation & interview skills, as well as maths and science ability.

How do we do all of that? - come along and see! 




Course Format:

This course runs every weekend during term time from September 5th. Each session lasts 2 hours and is delivered online via zoom. Students may attend on either Saturday or Sunday. The following slots are available:

11am-1pm   1pm-3pm   3pm-5pm

There is a parallel course that students may take without the use of drones. 

Content Overview:

- An Introduction to Python

- Variables, Data Types, Operators and Loops

- Functions

- Classes and Objects 

These are the fundamental areas of the python programming language that we cover. Students apply this knowledge in coding their drones to complete various missions of increasing complexity. Ultimately, students learn how to code the drones to make navigational decisions based on input from the drone’s camera. They learn how to design a GUI for their drone missions and even make a Game out of flying the drone with keyboard presses. All of the skills here are readily transferable to fields besides robotics. Indeed, students can later explore python in a business setting. 

Note: Details of the projects undertaken on this course are not disclosed here but you may contact us for further information. We recommend parents purchase drones directly from amazon. If you wish to return working drones after completing the course then we would be happy to purchase them from you.

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